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26 Webster Highway /10 Stonegate Farm Road
Timberdoodle Club
Temple, NH 03084

Phone: 603.654.9510


Directions to the Timberdoodle Club

The Timberdoodle Club is located about 65 miles and 90 minutes northwest of Boston.

1. From Boston, take I-93 N
2. Take exit 37B to merge onto I-95 S toward Waltham
3. Take exit 32A to merge onto US-3 N toward Lowell
4. In New Hampshire, take exit 7W to merge onto Amherst St / 101A W toward Amherst/Milford
5. In about 8 miles, turn left to merge onto NH-101 W
6. In about 5 miles, turn left to stay on NH-101 W / Elm St
7. In about 9 miles, turn right at Webster Hwy across from Route 45
8. In about 1.5 miles, the Timberdoodle Club will be on the right. You have gone too far if you reach Putnam Road on the left.

Directions to the Timberdoodle Club