New Hampshire School of Falconry


Timberdoodle Club Falconry Welcome to the New Hampshire School of Falconry at The Timberdoodle Club. This falconry school is one of only a handful in the nation devoted to explaining and teaching the art and science of the thousands-years old craft of hunting with a trained bird of prey. Due to the constraints of licensing, acquiring and training a bird, falconry in the United States is one of the most demanding sports in existence. The USFWS has acknowledged the genuine interest of many folk who are unable to devote the time from their lives to actually become a falconer by expanding its permits to include falconry schools as long as the classes are held under its regulation and are taught by qualified falconers.

Timberdoodle Club Falconry We are proud to offer classes for youngsters (Raptor 101 for ages 11-17 and up), a Falconry Workshop (for ages 16 and over) in which one learns to approach, handle, and carry a falcon or hawk, group demonstrations (suitable for all ages) that demonstrates the power and magnificence of these great hunters, a day practicing The Falconer’s Discipline (age 16 and up) during which one will actually fly a bird, and a half day Field Hunt. The Field Hunt delivers on its promise as a never-to-be-forgotten experience as you follow a hawk and pointer working as a hunting team.

The experience of learning about the conservation of our raptors, learning their hunting methods and instincts (basically the same whether they are in the wild or working in partnership with a falconer) combined with the unsurpassed beauty of the sport makes a thrilling day for all participants and spectators.

Timberdoodle Club Falconry By way of introduction, I am Nancy Cowan, a master falconer who has been licensed for over fifteen years. My total years of experience with the sport is longer if you count the time that I assisted my husband, Jim, as he brought legislation by which New Hampshire became the 46th State in the United States to adopt falconry as a legal means of taking game. I am a licensed rehabilitator who trains wild peregrine falcons for evaluation of their fitness to be released once they have recovered from the injuries that brought them into being “rehabbed”. I have taught falconry techniques to Apprentices who took up the sport as licensed falconers, to fellow rehabilitators and government biologists, at schools and conservation group facilities, and for New Hampshire Fish and Game Department both to train Conservation Officers and as part of the Becoming An Outdoors Woman program. I have appeared on television and radio to promote NH Department of Fish and Game activities and programs. Every year I fly and hunt with my own birds, a Harris’ Hawk named Jazz and a Lanner Falcon named Emma Peel, and my dog Stormy. Many of you have seen me on The Timberdoodle grounds as I hunt, or have met me at one of the special events during which my husband and I display our birds.

Timberdoodle Club Falconry Additional to my own birds and those falconry birds of Jim, students at the Falconry School will work with two birds owned by the New Hampshire School of Falconry: Banshee, a female Peregrine Falcon, and Spook, a male Harris’ Hawk. Working with these two juvenile birds (each hatched just this Spring) will be especially exciting as they learn the joy of “finding their wings”, and fulfilling their powerful hunting drives.

Timberdoodle Club Falconry The Stonegate Stables at Timberdoodle is a beautiful and very appropriate setting for the Falconry School, and a great place for training both people and birds of prey. To schedule for hunts, falconry demonstrations or classes, please call the New Hampshire School of Falconry at 603-464-6213, or simply visit our website at I look forward to meeting you all. Banshee, Spook and the rest of the “gang” are waiting to meet you, too!

The ancient art of Falconry is demonstrated.....